• Stopping of illegal killing/sacrifices of Cows/calves and other animals and taking action against the offenders for violation of Transport of animals, Rules on the occation of Bakrid dated 07.06.2022Download
  • Request to implement and circulate Regulatory Compliances for Slaughter houses and Meat Shops dated 30.05.2022Download
  • Revised rate for Animal Birth Control Programme for Dogs as per the Animal Birth Control Rules, 2001 AWBI ABC Module dated 05.04.2022Download
  • Endorsement by AWBI for IGNOU's PG Diploma in Animal Welfare (Open and Distance Learning) dated 11.03.2022Download
  • Celebration of Jiv Jantu Kalyan Diwas and Animal Welfare Fortnight 2022 (dated 11.01.2022)Download
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