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The World Animal Day was celebrated by the AWBI at its headquarters


The World Animal Day was celebrated by the Animal Welfare Board of India at its headquarters at Sikri. Ballabhgarh, Haryana. To observe the World Animal Day (WAD) on 4th October2019 a meeting was organized wherein Dr O.P. Chaudhary. IFS, Chairman AWBI addressed the AWBI and NIAW staff members to sensitize them for having more love and compassion towards animals He told that there are lots of changes coming in the present society and people are becoming more and more sensitive towards the animals but still there is soope to improve it. He told that the behavior of citizens of any country towards the animals depends on their own behavior and it states about their culture and civilization He further emphasized that this campaign of animal welfare should reach each and every nook and corner of our country at grass root level so that the animals be treated with love and compassion. Dr. Neelam Bala Secretary AWBI said that all the animals great and small are entitled for their rights and should have 5 freedoms to lead their lives she told that the World Animal Day is being celebrated globally to create awareness for protection of animals from unnecessary pain and sufferings She further said that this is also celebrated to recognize the status of the animals to improve ther welfare standard. to educate people about animal nghts to respect their feelings to recognize animals as a sentient being and to sensitize people to have love and compassion to animals. Plantation was also done in the office campus on this day to protect the environment.


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