• Standard Operative Procedure for Dealing with the Complaints of the Ferocious/Aggressive Dogs and Dog Bites cases in humane manner dated 29.11.2022 Download
  • Standard Operating Procedure for using equines as pack animals in hilly/mountainous terrain dated 29.08.2022 Download
  • Guidelines for use of Muzzle on Dogs and care of community dogs dated 17.08.2022 Download
  • Guidelines for Animal Shelters with regard to Veterinary facilities dated 09.06.2022 Download
  • Standard Operating Procedure for proper implementation of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals(Care and Maintenance of Case Property Animals) Rules, 2017) dated 20.01.2022 Download
  • Revised guidelines for pet owners and caregivers during Covid -19- dated 14.06.2021 Download
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