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Sr No Date of Complaint Complainant Name Complaint Number Type of Grievance Grievance Details Status Date of Action taken
1 21/04/2023 Animal Owner Registration Registration no is not generated properly. Disposed-off 24/04/2023
2 08/06/2023 Dr IKSHIT SHARMA 26-110/2023-24/Grievance Honorary Animal Welfare Representative I have made payment for my application as a honorary Animal welfare representative. But it is not reflected on line. I am attaching the screen shot containing the transaction id. kindly share the receipt pl Disposed-off 09/06/2023
3 23/07/2023 Shaik Akbar Basha 17-140/2023-24/Grievance Legal Matters G.o.Rt no-126 Since implementation till now I have given a written paper to Nandyala District Collector and District Magistrate to implement SPCA Animal husbandry key has been sent from collector office but in every district Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has been instructed to strictly implement it but it is not being implemented How many times I have not given correct answer to Animal Husbandry DAHO we are not related if anything is required ask collector we know when we should do it my request till now SPCA I request you to send animal law enforcers to Nandyala District Collector to ensure non-implementation and take legal action against violators. Disposed-off 03/01/2024
4 07/08/2023 Debasish Majumder 17-154/2023-24/Grievance Legal Matters I helplessly noticed that persons,named Pushpendu Samanta, residing at 27, Sisir Bagan Road, Behala, Kolkata-700034 persuaded few people and took initiative to evacuate stray dogs with a pretext that he along with his accomplice Mrinal Basu, residing at 8a, 1, Sisir Bagan Road, Behala, Kolkata-700034, cannot sleep at night owing to the barking of those stray dogs, who are actually harmless and we along with the people of our neighborhood are feeding, knowing that they are not getting ample food to sustain. But these two people hatched a nefarious ploy with a pretext that they cannot sleep at night owing to these dogs and wanted to remove them from our vicinity. we felt utterly helpless as the dogs are being taken away from our milieu and owing to their complain, despite they always caused distress to these poor creatures. I would like to request you to take exemplary measure against them that in future no body dares to cause torture to these creatures who do play a significant role in our eco system. Disposed-off 03/01/2024
5 06/09/2023 Archana Pathania 17-183/2023-24/Grievance Legal Matters We solicit your support on a grave matter encompassing harassment to cat feeders. This harassment, now, has created a situation endangering the lives of community cats. This complaint is a request to form an Animal Welfare committee at Adonis Augustus co-operative housing society limited, Deonar - Mumbai. The situation in brief is such that the society has unilaterally, without consulting the caregivers has decided upon a feeding spot which is dangerous, inaccessible and far from the current feeding spots. In a recently concluded SGM under the guise of Health and Hygiene, society has decided upon a feeding spot by passing a resolution without consulting the feeders. The resolution and the decision to allot that particular spot has been unilateral. They are forcing feeders to feed the cats at a spot which is highly dangerous and inaccessible. 1.This spot is right next to the Adani Power substation present in our society. It is a restricted area since inception of our society. It has a 11,000 Volts Danger board with human skull as warning signs. 2.The area has no safe approach from within the main building which leaves an option of jumping down 12-15 feet to the area. Neither we nor the cats can dare jump from such heights. 3.The area has a huge open sewerage drain present adjacent to the feeding spot. This drain is full of mosquitoes, rats, lizards, snakes and other dangerous reptiles. This drain is not even covered and stinks and is full of garbage and running sewerage. This spot is not only dangerous and life threatening for the feeders but for also for any animal. In addition to this, they also have passed a resolution to make the feeders accountable for any damage arising out of the community cats. The resolution also makes the feeders accountable for cleaning the poop etc of the community cats. They have levied heavy fines upon the feeders for performing their civic duty. The coop housing society is shirking away from performing its civic duty. Background Story 1.I am a resident of Adonis Augustus CHS, Mumbai. There is a group of animal lovers, which includes 2 ladies, 1 young girl and 2 senior citizens from same society, have been looking after a dozen community cats within the society premises. We term them as Community cats, as they have been present since the beginning, i.e, almost 14-15 years. They have been multiplying in our society and now it is their 4th generation, who are living here. No cat has been brought by any member from outside the building. 2. Present Feeding Spots : There are 2 to 3 main colonies of cats in the society. We have been feeding these cats in remote corners of the same parking lot, where their habitat is. This area is away from children play area, entry and exit points and is not frequented by kids or senior citizens. We have never left any food at the feeding spots and make sure that the feeding spots are kept clean . 3. Neutering, Vaccination and Adoption: As per guidelines from AWBI, the MC of a society is responsible for making sure that all such animals living within society have proper feeding spots and are neutered with the help of BMC and volunteers. Even after requesting MC to approach BMC to neuter these cats, they turned a deaf ear and the population of these cats kept increasing. As responsible citizens, we finally got these cats neutered bearing all the expenses for their surgeries. 4. Harassment: Some residents have for years had a problem with the presence of these cats in the society premises and they have even tried a number of times to get them thrown out also. i. These residents have regularly threatened feeders to stop feeding and look after these community cats. ii. We are subjected to constant humiliation, harassment and mental stress by these residents,verbally as well as in all society WhatsApp groups. iii. These residents along with the members of MC have brought out rules which are making it impossible for us to feed these community cats and look after them. iv. This harassment has gone to this extreme that we were left with no option but to complain to the nearest Govandi police station. But sadly, no further action has been taken by the police on this. v. The MC is not only turning a blind eye to the harassment faced by us, but they are also hand in glove with these bullies. They have held a Special General Meeting under the pretext of health and hygiene where they have passed all rules which will prevent us from feeding the cats and thereby harm the survival of these animals. We sincerely urge you to take this up with the utmost urgency as the cats will die of starvation. We seek your immediate intervention in forming the animal welfare committee under the guidance of Chief veterinary officer or his representative, so that this harassment of voiceless cats and caregivers stop. Society email id adonisaugustus@gmail.com Chairman-Vijay Thariani, Secretary Shailesh Bhambhani Treasurer-Arun Bansal Thanks in advance Disposed-off 03/01/2024
6 15/01/2024 Kopisetty Eswara Rai svk 17-372/2023-24/Grievance Legal Matters Respected Sir/Madam, Sub:- To take stern disciplinary action on Station House Officer, Koringa Police Station and Thallarevu Mandal Revenue Officer colluded with the Ganblers conducting Cock/Rooster fights and Gambling Games violating Provision of Prevention of Cruelty to Animal Act, 1960 and violation of AP Gaming Act, 1974 and contempt of Honorable High Court of Andhra Pradesh Order to ban Cocok fights- with crores of rupees transactions in Thallarevu Mandal, Kakinda District especially in Sunkarapalem Village -Request-Action-Regard Reference Complaint-Dated 11.01.2024 and 14.01.2024 Disposed-off 16/02/2024
7 07/02/2024 Chetan Sharma 17-428/2023-24/Grievance Legal Matters There is tempo driver in our street who killed a puppy in front of , first of all there is a illegal godown in residential area and they drive that tempo so fast in small streets Disposed-off 21/02/2024
8 08/02/2024 Pankhu devi Lalith 17-430/2023-24/Grievance Legal Matters Since a years in village keshwana gram panchayat sarpanch,patwari,RI,involving with slaughterer Mahendra banjara and malaram meghwal are killing animals illegally and destroyed all the ecosystem of living beings as well as human beings nearby this family of pankhudevi has filed many reports but no action taken to stop this illegal slaughtering business but they threatened this family and even policemen from bishangarh policestation took bribe and supporting these criminals and they have closed this case without any action........last hope from u to get justice for voiceless animals and voiceless old poorlady pankhudevi aged 80 years......please kind request for justice Disposed-off 21/02/2024
9 05/03/2024 Ankit Agarwal 13-487/2023-24/Grievance Circus Registration Some issue with the dealing hand Disposed-off 03/04/2024
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